About Us

Ikusasalethu Youth Development Project is a South African based registered educational charitable organization, dedicated to the promotion of academic dreams of financially disadvantaged South Africans irrespective of color, race or gender through the provision of platforms upon which individuals from poor homes and communities who does not have the opportunity of self realized freedom via education to do so.

Ikusasalethu Youth Development Project believes that education is the only way through which real freedom can be achieved by anyone because it is a fundamental right of everyone in modern global setting for the attainment of equal right, alleviation of poverty and a driver of society change.

Our primary aim is to profoundly impact the lives of children by funding, supporting and encouraging their education. We empower children with education so they can realize their greatness. We intend to see young South Africans who are stuck and unable to study further beyond matric.

Operationally and in line with our objectives, we work closely with the people, communities, accredited academic institutions and Government departments and agencies to ensure a successful delivery of our humble services so that appropriate individuals can be beneficiaries.

ikusasalethu youth development program

How you can help us?

Just call us at +2711 0361212 to make a donation

Aim & Objectives

about ikusasalethu

Benesh Constance,one of the pioneer directors of Ikusasalethu Youth Development Project was moved by the prevalence of the inability of brilliant students to proceed beyond high school hence leaving them prone to frustration and possibly drug addiction and ultimately self distraction. She started to extend some help to these individuals from a personal capacity for about 3 years until the demand for this assistance exceeded her personal financial strength. Thus IYDP was officially formed in 2016. We have been privileged to assist quite a number of students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve academic and personal goals.

In line with our objectives, beliefs and values we have achieved several milestones in terms of promoting education and moral values required for family, community and national development as a supplement to government interventions on education. Fortunately for IYDP it is experiencing firm support and acceptance from concerned individuals and corporate entities which has propelled the attainment and realization of objectives to be realized

who will benefit

We are dedicated to providing educational, vocational, entrepreneurial and skills development opportunities, to particularly young South African students in need of financial assistance for higher academic quest in collaboration with benevolent individuals and organizations.

who will benefit

  1. 1. Under-privileged young individuals who wants to be educated despite all odds
  2. 2. Individual who could not proceed beyond matric qualification
  3. 3. Anyone who believes in the unlimited power education but can not do so because of circumstances beyond their control
  4. 4. Individuals from financially disadvantaged homes within South Africa and who are South Africans.

why we are doing this

Across South Africa, the youth particularly the “Born Free” knows that education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched poverty. They don’t want government grants hence, they seek opportunities but in most cases they hardly find any to study further after matric. They want to go beyond primary school to complete a secondary education, learn a trade and even attend a University or a College.

The program is aimed at ensuring and restoring hope to the academically hopeless South African youth who have high aspirations for the future but are limited not by their own making but by economic prevalence within their families.

       Expected Outcome

With this negative trend of opportunities, we therefore became interested in investing in youth’s education; so we can enable them to unleash their own power to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities. Together, we can create and prepare a new generation of leaders that will transform their communities and countries.

Based on this, sponsored students are empowered to believe in the future of their family and community as this depends on them and as they rise they want to bring those they love with them – they want to be their family’s hero.